Mosbys’ lawyer attacks federal prosecutors in letter to DOJ

Mosbys' lawyer attacks federal prosecutors in letter to DOJ

BALTIMORE (AP) – An attorney for Baltimore’s chief prosecutor and city council president alleges federal prosecutors investigating the couple were guilty of wrongdoing.

The Baltimore Sun reported Tuesday that the attorney is also seeking to suspend the criminal investigation.

Prosecutor Marilyn Mosby is married to City Council President Nick Mosby. A federal grand jury examines their campaign, deals and tax returns from 2014.

A. Scott Bolden, Mosby’s attorney, targeted Attorneys Stephen M. Schenning and Leo J. Wise in a letter to the Department of Justice’s Professional Responsibility Bureau.

“There is no question that the investigations against my clients are frivolous and politically motivated and result from the animus that both Mr. Schenning and Mr. Wise have against prosecutor Mosby,” wrote Bolden.

The attorney’s letter was first published on the Washington Post.

The letter claims that Schenning and Wise hold a grudge against Marilyn Mosby. The resentment is said to stem from alleged leaks from her office during the investigation of the corrupt Gun Trace Task Force of the Baltimore Police Department. Bolden claims the two leaked grand jury trials “molested, demoted and embarrassed” the Mosbys.

Marcia Murphy, a spokeswoman for the US law firm in Baltimore, did not immediately respond to a request for comment from the newspaper Monday night.