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Coimbatore: City-based attorney ET Rajavelu, who was detained in Coimbatore Central Prison for the murder of a client last November, committed suicide on Friday by hanging on Friday.
Prison guards said they never expected the 53-year-old man to take the extreme step. On Friday afternoon, he spoke to some of the guards as usual and said that one of them reminded him of his second son. He later went to his high-rise cell and attempted suicide by tying a towel around his neck and the cell door. However, some guards noticed the attempt and took him to Coimbatore Medical College and Hospital (CMCH), ”said a senior prison officer.
Doctors pronounced Rajavelu dead around 2:30 pm. The body was taken to the morgue for autopsy.
M Ammasai, 45, from the city’s Sivananda Colony, met Rajavelu for the first time on December 11, 2011 in his Gopalapuram office to seek legal remedies for a dispute with her husband.
Rajavelu, who tried to rescue his wife Manoharan Mohana, 47, in a 12 rupee fraud case filed by Odisha police, strangled Ammasai to death with the help of his driver P Palnisamy. He took the body to his rented house in Sundarapuram and told his neighbors that it was his wife’s body who died of cardiac arrest. He managed to get a doctor to certify Mohana’s death and to cremate Ammasai’s body in the electric crematorium at Athupalam. He later received a death certificate from the Coimbatore Corporation.
City police started a search for Ammasai after her family filed a missing complaint.
When Rajavelu tried to register a property in Mohana’s name in 2013, someone sent a copy of the death certificate to the registration department. Rajavelu then turned to the Munsif Court, claiming someone accidentally received the death certificate.
When the city police started gathering details about her, Rajavelu and Mohana escaped. She was arrested by police from Kovalam in Thiruvananthapuram on December 5, 2013 and placed in Coimbatore Prison.
The Vth Supplementary District Court on November 30 granted Rajavelu and Mohana a double life sentence for the murder of Ammasai.