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MyShingle Turns 18 – My Shingle

Eighteen is the age of adulthood, but it is also the numeric representation of “chai,” the Hebrew word for life. Last night, just before midnight, MyShingle turned 18 – and I like to view my blog as still full of life, rather than a boring adult, with professional, SEO-driven content and posts about managing a law firm. Of course, you can find that content here too, but it’s not my jam or genius to inspire, celebrate, and stand up for lawyers who start and own law firms.

I was hoping to post something smart today, like 18 things I’ve learned over the course of 18 years of blogging, but the truth is, I couldn’t find that many lessons. Because whether you’re starting a blog, podcast, video channel, or even a law firm, it really only comes down to one thing, not eighteen. Which is to find your voice and put it into the universe.

To celebrate I’m 18 years old, I’m hosting a FREE live facetime tomorrow titled From the Great Law to Your Law: Why Lawyers Should Stop Borrowing and Start Owning Their Talent. Details here.

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