Mystikal’s lawyer says toxicology testing and surveillance video helped clear rapper

Mystikal’s attorney says toxicology testing and surveillance video helped clear rapper

SHREVEPORT, La. (KTAL / KMSS) – A defense attorney says surveillance videos and toxicology testing of suspected rape resulted in charges against rapper Mystikal being dropped.

Caddo Township Prosecutors announced Thursday, December 17, that they would drop the rape and kidnapping charges against 50-year-old Michael Lawrence Tyler.

Caddo DA: rape, kidnapping against rapper Mystikal

Tyler was charged with first degree rape and second degree kidnapping that stemmed from an alleged incident in 2016.

Additional evidence and information was discovered and the case was re-submitted to a second grand jury.

“Mystikal paid a heavy price for this case,” said Verity Gentry, Tyler’s defense attorney.

“18 months in prison. A $ 3 million bond. An ankle bracelet for almost a year, but despite all of this, he remained optimistic that he would be cleared of all charges. “

According to Gentry, video surveillance videos and toxicological testing of an alleged rape drug lead to the case being dismissed.

“I am grateful that there was irrefutable evidence of innocence in this case. Lots of people aren’t that lucky. “

Gentry studied toxicological reports, found inconsistencies, and sent them to an expert. It was agreed that no rape agent would be used in this case.