N.H. Prosecution for Forgery, Geared toward Getting Newspaper Articles and Authorities File Vanished from Google Search Outcomes – Cause.com

N.H. Prosecution for Forgery, Aimed at Getting Newspaper Articles and Government Record Vanished from Google Search Results – Reason.com

If you send Google a court order declaring certain online materials defamatory, Google will consider “de-indexing” those materials so that they essentially disappear from Google search results. The order would not legally bind Google (American court orders against a specific defendant do not bind third parties unrelated to the defendant); However, Google often chooses to act on the theory that a court has found the material to be false and defamatory. As far as I know, Google doesn’t do the same thing for delete jobs, but sometimes people definitely send those jobs to Google.

But every successful system spawns parasites – this is an attempt to fraudulently or even forge such court orders (see this upcoming article). Last week a criminal complaint was filed in New Hampshire against Heidi L. Holt for alleged forgery:

And here is the alleged fake (although you can see it more clearly here):

The alleged forgery was sent to Google with a deindexing request for these pages:

https://www.laconiadailysun.com/news/courts_cops/two-indicted-on-sex-assault-charges/article_7afa1f6a-19ac-11e9-9110-1f39a8443dd1.html [note that this article mentioned Holt only in passing as part of an arrest blotter, unrelated to the headline, and the newspaper has by now apparently removed her name]

Holt is charged with forgery and manipulation of public records. For similar cases from previous years see here, here, here and here.