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Poll workers count postal ballots at the festival hall polling station, 5th 5th St. Tuesday. Behind it is the table that was previously used for the same purpose and is considered by Democratic and Republican lawyers to be too far from election observers.

Rachel Kubik

RACINE – On Tuesday afternoon there was a small argument at the Festival Hall polling station, 5 Fifth St., about where to place election observers in relation to voters and the postal voting table.

Postal votes were initially counted on Tuesday at a table deemed too far from election observers.

The count was brought closer to the observer as a resolution. It wasn’t that big of a problem because it was resolved, festival hall election observers said.

Ken Brown, a member of the Racine County’s Republican Party board of directors, 339 Main St., said both Republican and Democratic electoral advocates responded to the problem. The postal ballot counter table was more than 10 feet from the observers, and voting regulations state that observers must be 3 to 8 feet away, he said. Brown has experience as an observer and election worker.

Also, observers need to be able to see voters’ faces and not look at the back of their heads, Brown said. At around 2 p.m. Tuesday, observers were still mostly seeing the back of the voters’ heads as they checked into election officials, which is also against the rules, Brown said.

Brown has reached out to the state prosecutors as well as the Wisconsin Elections Commission to resolve the voter / observer positioning issue and has been waiting for a response beginning early Tuesday afternoon. This shouldn’t cause a stir, Brown said, just to make sure the rules have been enforced and the elections are fair.