Native elected democratic officers endorse candidates for District Lawyer, State Senate and Congress

Local elected democratic officials endorse candidates for District Attorney, State Senate and Congress

DOWNTOWN AUGUSTA- Local elected democratic officials gathered in downtown Augusta Monday to endorse three candidates in this year’s election.

State Senator Harold Jones, Sheriff Richard Roundtree and other local elected democratic officials announced their support for District Attorney candidate Jared Williams, U.S. House of Representatives candidate Liz Johnson and Georgia state Senate candidate Ceretta Smith.

Jared Williams, who hopes to unseat current DA Natalie Paine, stressed the importance of getting out to vote to see changes in the District Attorney’s office as well as the community.

” When we vote and we vote in numbers and all the way down the ticket, we are going to create a district attorney’s office and a community that respects the community, reflects the community and protects the entire community,” Williams said.

Liz Johnson, running against incumbent Republican Rick Allen, encouraged voters that a vote for her would create more representation for Georgians.

” So if you want a congress that’s going to enact laws that benefit all of us, then congress needs to understand and look like the nation and the district that it serves,” Liz Johnson said.

Ceretta Smith, is vying for the seat vacated by Republican Jesse Stone. She emphasized issues like health care and education.

“This district needs someone that’s going to support people’s access to healthcare, someone that’s going to fight for working families. Someone that’s going to be a voice for our parents and our children,” Smith said.