Native immigration lawyer says non-residents are having new tax points

Local immigration lawyer says non-residents are having new tax issues

There’s a big problem for some people in the Quad Cities this early in the New Year that has to do with filing income taxes.

This is the case for non-residents who must apply for a unique tax identification number in order to file their taxes.

Dolores Tapia is an immigration lawyer who helps her clients apply for an Individual Tax Identification Number (ITIN). She submitted five applications, none of which were approved.

“Has either been denied or botched one way or another, you know it was ruined by the government’s process as if in one case they lost the passport so the customer would never have got the passport back,” Tapia said .

“Rocio” is one of the five customers who have been denied a tax identification number. She said she called the IRS to find out why it was rejected and was surprised by the response.

“They can’t find my case at all, so I’ll give them my name, numbers, and anything that could help them find my case,” Rocio said.

Other Quad Cities tax processors have the same problem, according to Tapia.

“The customers who serve them came into the office with these letters saying either the documentation was not filed when it actually was and declined the ITIN numbers so I noticed that this was a pattern was, “said Tapia.

After several calls to the IRS, Rocio finally got a personal appointment.

Local 4 News reached out to the IRS for responses and this is the statement they send us:

“Under the Federal Disclosure Act, the IRS is prohibited from commenting on a single tax case. Therefore we have to decline the interview. However, we are not aware of any systemic issues or issues with the ITIN application process. In general, the IRS has detailed information on about the ITIN application process, and not everyone can qualify for an ITIN. There are also options for taxpayers applying for an ITIN so they don’t have to send in original documents to verify their identity. Options include using certified copies of documents or visiting a Certifying Acceptance Agent or an IRS Taxpayer Assistance Center. “IRS Media Relations