Native lawyer shares visitors courtroom tricks to observe COVID-19 laws

Local lawyer shares traffic court tips to follow COVID-19 regulations

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) — A local lawyer is helping inform people on Instagram about the changes to which have come to traffic court in B.C. because of the coronavirus.

On Tuesday, Vancouver criminal lawyer Kyla Lee took to Instagram to share a few tips about traffic court. She says you have to wear a mask and the judge might keep their distance.

“So make sure you bring a mask with you. The sheriffs do have masks on hand for people who don’t have them, but it’s a lot easier if you have a mask ready,” Lee explains.

She adds while there will be able to see markings on the floor to help direct you, sheriffs will also be around to assist.

“Inside the actual courtroom, you’re going to see quite some distance, so make sure to speak up,” she says.

She also recommends arriving early if you need to talk to the officer “because it’s easier to talk to them outside the building, rather than inside where sheriff’s are enforcing social distancing measures.”

Since the courts only attend to one case at a time, Lee advises you to prepare in advance.

“You don’t have the opportunity to sit and watch what’s happening with other matters. And so you need to be prepared to speak to your matter at the second you walk into the courthouse because you might be shuffled right into the courtroom without any waiting.”

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