NEIP Boss, Lawyer John Kumah Fulfills A Main Promise

NEIP Boss, Lawyer John Kumah Fulfills A Major Promise

Attorney John Ampontuah Kumah, the chief executive officer (CEO) of the National Program for Entrepreneurship and Innovation (NEIP), who is also a parliamentary candidate for the Ejisu constituency, has fulfilled his promise to support the constituency with tricycles, popularly known as Aboboyaa are known.

He made this promise during his election campaign tour in the constituency before the primaries of Parliament that he would support the constituency with tricycles, popularly known as Aboboyaa in Ghana. Ten (10) of these Aboboyaa were introduced to the constituency and divided into the various electoral areas.

In addition, he presented thirty (30) megaphones in the various electoral areas to gather people and spread the good deeds of the NPP government. It was emphasized that these megaphones came at the right time because they can be used to educate people about the need to register to be part of the citizens with voting rights.

According to attorney John Ampontuah Kumah, the elected PC for the constituency, "it is very important that we all participate in the search to make Ghana a beautiful place to live. As the popular saying goes, promises are to be broken." I say promises are to be fulfilled. "

This is just a sign from the heart for the various electives to have confidence in me by voting for me as their PC. I will continue to be honest with you in fulfilling all your promises.

He therefore asked everyone to take good care of the Aboboyaa and the megaphones that were presented to them, since they mark the beginning of the great things they want to testify in the constituency, hence the slogan "Ejisu Daakye ….. "Never" never ".

At the end of his speech, he warned people to be very careful and protect each other from the deadly novel Coronavirus.

He again pleaded with everyone to abide by all COVID-19 protocols so as not to endanger their lives so that they could all realize the party's vision by voting for Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo to do more for the people do from Ghana.

"4more for Nana Addo …. 4more to do more"