Nessel to hunt sanctions in opposition to some legal professionals difficult vote outcomes

Dana nettle

Attorney General Dana Nessel said she planned to impose sanctions on attorneys who filed lawsuits against the state’s election results that contained “willful misrepresentations” regarding Michigan’s election.

The Democratic attorney general also plans to track the court’s costs and fees and, along with Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson, file complaints with the Appeals Board, Nessel told reporters on Tuesday.

The inquiries will likely be made after the cases are closed, she said.

“Some of those cases where we know for sure that there has been a deliberate misrepresentation – the kind of misrepresentation that has no question of the fact that it is inaccurate testimony that has been put to the court – yes, myself and also Secretary Benson filing complaints with the Appeals Commission, “said Nessel.

For attorneys outside Michigan, the complaint would be filed with the appropriate prosecutor, she said.

While Nessel did not mention the names of attorneys she may be sanctioning, she stated that those who later filed after the initial allegations were examined and immediate relief was denied were more culpable.

She said she could file a lawsuit against an attorney linked to a case that challenged Antrim County’s results and false statements he made about Newsmax and OANN. Matthew DePerno filed the case on behalf of William Bailey-based Antrim County.

“I think we have to go back to a time when you can trust that a lawyer will give an accurate and truthful account in court, because if you don’t, you can no longer exercise any rights,” said Nessel.

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