New attorneys decided to have interaction in moral practices

New attorneys determined to engage in ethical practices

The importance of maintaining high ethical standards in legal practice can never be overstated.

One of Barbados’ newest attorneys, Shaddiah Hinds, emphasized this when speaking on behalf of her colleagues before the island’s new Chief Justice Patterson Cheltenham, Appeals Court justices, Supreme Court justices, as well as Attorney General and Attorney General for Affairs, Dale Marshall . Your comments came when a total of 32 new attorneys were summoned to the bar on Friday at a swearing-in ceremony at the Supreme Court complex on Whitepark Road in St. Michael.

“Law is often referred to as a noble profession. Lawyers have made a significant contribution to changing social development. We recognize that the conduct of irresponsible and unethical lawyers threatens to undermine the nobility of the profession. But as we were reminded by the Hon Attorney General on Wednesday, the reputation of the profession is not unsaved. In this regard, I hope that our admission as a lawyer enriches legal fraternity and that our behavior as lawyers will help restore that reputation, ”noted Hinds.

“The importance of ethics and maintaining high ethical standards in this profession cannot be overstated. The Ethics Course Director at Hugh Wooding Law School, Ms. Aberleen Boodoosingh, encouraged us to read the Code of Ethics at least a hundred times before the exam. While this may have sounded like overkill to us as students, as lawyers we recognize that we must be familiar with the terms or provisions of the Code. In addition, we recognize that we need to go beyond familiarity and remember the provisions of the Code. We must and we choose to be honest and maintain the highest standards of integrity throughout our legal careers, ”Hinds added.

She found that throughout their legal career, attorneys are likely to be faced with difficult choices and often with much at stake. “We are often faced with opportunities for money to be won, and we are faced with the question of how much money and prestige mean to us when weighed against ethics. I pray that when faced with such a question, our conviction will never cease and that we will always choose to do what is ethical. “(RSM)