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New details alleged in Jeremy Marr death as attorney speaks out

New details alleged in Jeremy Marr death as attorney speaks out

GLASGOW, Ky. (WBKO) – 13 News has received more information on the death of a man in Glasgow following a recent lawsuit and now one of the lawyers is speaking for the first time.

The estate of Jeremy Marr, who died in police custody, has filed a lawsuit against the City of Glasgow, the Glasgow Police Department and three police officers.

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A video from 13 News shows officials from Glasgow on the morning of April 14, 2020. The video appears to show officials Marr repeatedly kneeling on his side. Police initially said Marr tried to break into a house on Cleveland Avenue in Glasgow. According to a new testimony from city attorney Matt Cook, when officers arrived, Marr said he had a knife, was paranoid, and then resisted arrest.

“Much of the video, captured by on-site independent witnesses, is pretty telling,” said David Broderick, who represents Marr’s estate.

Authorities said Marr had a medical episode during his arrest and denied that her actions caused his death.

“This lawsuit is broad because we believe the police officers used absolutely unreasonable force that promptly caused the death of Jeremy Marr,” said Broderick.

Broderick represents Marr’s estate on behalf of his wife and daughter, and says their evidence suggests Marr was verbally abused up to 11 times in a matter of minutes.

“In this case, there is a serious problem with using taser,” said Broderick.

Broderick claims national cases released earlier this year coincide with this one.

“Other cases in which police officers have used excessively have exacerbated the situation, as unfortunately these situations correspond very well with our situation here.”

Meanwhile, after Marr resisted arrest, Cook says, “He was eventually subjected to non-lethal force and handcuffed.”

Cook also stated, “Kentucky State Police and the Special Prosecutor have found no wrongdoing by Glasgow officials.”

Broderick responded to that part of the statement, saying the case was never brought to a grand jury.

Cook’s full statement on the allegations can be read below:

On the morning of April 14, 2020, Glasgow Police Department was sent to an apartment in response to a call from an elderly resident who said an unknown man had entered her home without permission. Upon arrival at the scene, the suspect replied that he was carrying a knife and looked erratic, excited, and paranoid. The responding officers tried to reassure the suspect and de-escalate the situation. The suspect Jeremy Marr did not obey police orders; Mr. Marr also became combative and resisted arrest. Mr. Marr was eventually subjected to non-lethal force and handcuffed. Mr. Marr then had a medical incident and the emergency medical staff took care of him and took him to the hospital, where he later passed away.

We are confident that the evidence will show that the responding Glasgow police officers responded appropriately to Mr Marr’s actions and that the allegations made in the lawsuit are not well received. Both the Kentucky State Police and the Special Prosecutor found no wrongdoing by Glasgow officials. The plaintiffs’ lawsuit is being aggressively defended. “

The full lawsuit against the Glasgow Police Department, the city and three officials is listed below:

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