New East Chicago metropolis legal professional quits weeks after hiring | Authorities and Politics

New East Chicago city attorney quits weeks after hiring | Government and Politics

City Hall in east Chicago

Jonathan Miano, Files, The Times

EAST CHICAGO – After hiring a new lawyer in January, the city council is already looking for a replacement.

Alfredo Estrada has been hired to succeed John Bushemi, who served as the council’s attorney since January 2018. Both work for the same law firm (Burke, Constanza & Carberry).

But city council president Emiliano Perez said Estrada had decided to step down from that position.

“He said he only had other pressing business and the city was taking too much time,” said Perez.

Perez said the council agreed in an executive meeting to form a committee to choose another lawyer.

For example, Perez said he was shocked when councilor Gilda Orange, D-6, filed a motion to hire attorney John Cantrell during the city council’s February 22nd session.

“She was fully aware that there would be a committee that lawyers would interview and then kind of narrow it down and then bring whoever was narrowed down to interview and vote in the entire council,” said Perez. “And that’s exactly what we did.”

According to Perez, five lawyers from four different law firms were interviewed, and it was recommended that two of them be interviewed by the full advisory board.

Cantrell wasn’t one of the chosen ones, Perez said.