New Jersey’s U.S. Lawyer Craig Carpenito to step down subsequent month

On the podium, US Attorney for New Jersey District Craig Carpenito and other law enforcement officers brief the public on the investigation into the Jersey City shooting, which occurred on December 10, 2019, at a news conference held at the FBI Newark branch office in Newark , New Jersey, on Monday, January 13, 2020.

Craig Carpenito, the US attorney for New Jersey District, announced Monday that he would be leaving the office early next month and completing a three-year term he called “the greatest professional honor of my life.”

Carpenito, 47, was appointed by then Attorney General Jeff Sessions in January 2018 and approved by the U.S. District Court in April. Carpenito said he was proud to know that he had hired more lawyers, increased office production, and set up special units focusing on violence, opioids and cybercrime, among other things.

“We have been through a lot in the past three years – the longest shutdown in government history, a global pandemic and two tragic acts of violent extremism that resulted in the loss of precious lives,” said Carpenito. “Through all of this we have protected the great traditions of this office, the Department of Justice and the state that we all love and serve. I am forever grateful for that.”

His resignation will take effect on January 5, 2021, the statement said.

Rachel Honig, the US’s first assistant attorney, will serve as acting head of the office until a replacement is named – presumably from the new administration of President-elect Joseph R. Biden.

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Honey first joined the US attorney’s office in 2003 and has served in a variety of supervisory roles.

She eventually left the company to work in the private sector, but later returned as the first US assistant attorney – a title that only one other woman was reportedly held. Honey will also become the second woman in the office’s 232-year history to serve as the federal law enforcement officer.

“During my tenure, Rachael has been my partner and primary advisor in everything I do,” said Carpenito. “I am very proud and honored that she will be the acting US attorney when I leave. The office and its legacy couldn’t be in better hands. “

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