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Opinion analysis: Court rules that Catholic elementary school teachers are “ministers,” cannot sue for employment discrimination

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Posted Mon, Nov 23, 2020 10:41 am

Posted Mon Nov 23rd 2020 10:41 am by Amy Howe

After the judges added two new cases for the current term of office to their merit files on Friday, they did not issue any new requests for review in an order list published on Monday morning.

The judges declined to hear the case of Calvin McMillan, one of 32 people on Alabama death row sentenced to death by a judge after the jury voted for life in prison. McMillan had argued that his execution violated the Eighth Amendment of Cruel and Unusual Punishment prohibition because he was convicted of “judicial override”.

The judges also turned down a challenge by retail giant Walmart against a Texas law preventing public companies from licensing to own a retail liquor store. Walmart argued that the law violated the constitution’s trade clause by discriminating against non-governmental companies.

The judges did not respond to challenges from the Roman Catholic Diocese of Brooklyn and two Orthodox Jewish synagogues to New York City-imposed restrictions on attending church services. There is no timeline for the judges to respond to these requests, but the challenges have now been fully briefed so the court can issue an order at any time.

The judges will return to the virtual bench on Monday November 30th. Your next conference is scheduled for Friday December 4th.

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