Ohio Senior Assistant Lawyer Basic cited for leaving two Higher Arlington crashes on similar morning

Ohio Senior Assistant Attorney General cited for leaving two Upper Arlington crashes on same morning

Jodi Bair is on leave from the Ohio Attorney General.

UPPER ARLINGTON, Ohio – An Ohio assistant attorney general was cited in two crashes minutes apart that same morning in Upper Arlington.

According to a police report, a driver told officers he was headed south-east on Cambridge Boulevard and was preparing to turn left onto Waltham Road when he was hit by a black truck at around 11 a.m. on Nov. 17, the minor one Caused damage.

The driver who was hit told police he had a green light and the other driver, identified in the report as Jodi Bair, had a red light and she did not stop.

The police wrote in the report that Bair then left the scene.

Another crash was reported four minutes later.

A police report said a driver was driving west on Guilford Road and turning left into a parking lot when Bair hit the car while trying to pass on the left.

The driver got out of the car, but Bair left the area.

Officials said they went to Bair’s home and found that they saw the truck that was involved in the accidents.

When her husband opened the door, he told the police that Bair had used the truck that morning.

Bair told police that according to the report, she did not remember the last time she drove.

The cases are handled by the Upper Arlington Mayor’s Court.

According to court records, Bair was issued an offense quote for leaving the scene in both crashes.

She’s also faced with two minor misdemeanor quotes – because she didn’t stop at a traffic light in the first accident and didn’t have adequate control of her vehicle in the second accident.

According to the police report, she refused to sign the quotes.

According to the Ohio Attorney General’s website, Bair works as a Senior Assistant Attorney General in the Public Utilities Department.

She worked in that department from 1994 to 2004 before serving as associate director and director for the Ohio Public Utilities Commission until 2014.

She served as the assistant consumer council until 2017 before returning to the Ohio Attorney General.

A spokesman confirmed that she is on vacation.

Nobody was injured in either accident.

A message for Bair seeking comment was not returned immediately.