Opelouas man accused of impersonating a lawyer

Opelouas man accused of impersonating a lawyer

An Opelousas man was arrested and charged with posing as a lawyer.

Derrian Joseph Guillory, 30, has been booked by the St. Landry Parish Sheriff’s Deputies with three cases of unlawful practice.

The investigation began in January when Guillory allegedly presented himself as an inmate’s attorney to meet with an inmate in the parish prison.

On January 26, 2021, Guillory requested to speak to an inmate due to a lawsuit that day. During the trial, Guillory was seen seated in the public seats rather than where the lawyers sit, which aroused suspicion. A Correctional Representative also listened when Guillory turned to a lawyer. He was supposed to sit in the audience until his name was mentioned.

The Corrections Department then opened an investigation and found that Guillory had visited the inmate under the guise of being a lawyer three times and posing as his lawyer. An arrest warrant was then issued for Guillory.