Opelousas lawyer arrested after making illegal right turn, resisting officer

Opelousas lawyer arrested after making illegal right turn, resisting officer

OPELOUSAS, La (KLFY) – The St. Landry Parish sheriff’s office arrested an Opelousas attorney on Friday after being stopped on an illegal right turn. This emerges from a press release by the SLPSO.

Donovan K. Hudson, 59, of Opelousas was arrested on Friday, May 14, on charges of violently or violently resisting an officer, driving on a closed road, carelessly driving and to use the necessary signal lamps.

Hudson has been taken to St. Landry Parish Jail and is on a $ 2,250 bond.

A SLPSO agent was stopped at a traffic light at the intersection of I-49 Service Road and Creswell Lane when a Hudson-driven SUV pulled up in the left-hand lane next to the agent. The SUV passed the red light and crossed the right lane to make an illegal right turn. No turn signals were used and the SUV crossed in front of the deputy and another motorist before heading west on Creswell Lane.

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When the traffic light turned green, the deputy followed the SUV and interrupted the traffic. Jake Dr. Hudson was instructed to get out of his vehicle and stand in the back of the car while the deputy returned to his unit to review a license and insurance.

Hudson allegedly started pacing up and down, then walked to the driver’s side of the SUV and reached inside.

The MP gave Hudson the order to return to the rear of the SUV, which Hudson ignored. The second in command left his unit and again ordered Hudson to return to the back of the SUV.

Hudson then began making racist comments against the MP and made aggressive moves against the MP. Hudson then tried to get back to the SUV and put his left hand in his front pocket.

The MP held back Hudson’s left hand because it was unclear whether there was a gun in his pocket. When the MP tried to get both of Hudson’s hands back, Hudson pulled his hands away and began struggling, continuing to yell at the officer.

After several warnings, the deputy drew his Tazer and again told Hudson to calm down. The deputy holstered the Tazer and tried again to handcuff Hudson. Hudson resisted again and refused to comply with the deputy.

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The MP used the Tazer, which was ineffective. Huson continued to struggle until the deputy could hold back both hands.

Officials from the Opelousas Police Department came to support the MP and Hudson continued to use racist comments against the MP.

The entire incident was captured on the deputy dashboard camera.

Sheriff Guidroz said, “If you are stopped or arrested for a traffic violation, it is important to follow the officer’s instructions. If you believe the officer acted unprofessionally, you should contact the agency to file your complaint. Resisting arrest is not safe for the proxy or for yourself. In addition, everyone should know that most law enforcement officers these days are equipped with dash and body cameras to ensure the safety of the civilian population, the accuracy of the incident, and the accountability and professionalism of the deputy. These are the main reasons I insist that our Members adhere to policies and procedures regarding the use of audio and video equipment. “

“I watched the dashcam video of the entire incident and I can say that my deputy was professional, courteous, patient and tried several times to de-escalate the incident,” continued Guidroz. “This was a simple traffic obstruction that could have been resolved very quickly if only the driver had followed simple instructions.”