Outsource Your Outbound Calls With Smith.ai

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As a lawyer, your days are already filled with appointments, deadlines and other tasks. Tracking incomplete admission forms, making court reminders, and keeping track of paperwork can take up valuable time in your busy schedule.

Let Smith.ai take care of your outgoing calls and free up hours for you and your employees. Smith.ai receptionists can call leads and customers to track online contact form fillings and website chats, notify customers of case updates, or recommend referring leads who are outside of your area of ​​activity to other more appropriate companies.


Let's say you will meet some customers in court tomorrow. They are nervous that they won't show up, but you don't have time to call them before their hearings. You can simply have your Smith.ai receptionist call and remind your customers to be on time in court, properly dressed, and parked nearby (so they don't come late looking for a place).

Or maybe you received dozens of new admission forms on your website over the weekend, but your week is booked with deposits. Smith.ai's receptionists can contact these new potential customers – all from your number – via email, phone call, and even SMS to follow up on their affairs and set up consultations for you. Once the meeting is set, the call can trigger an automatic email follow-up that describes your policies to properly set new customer expectations.

Outgoing calls and emails from Smith.ai are not limited to lead screening, scheduling and reminders. They can also use their receptionists to inform customers about work status, request online customer reviews, reach potential customers (they pull the line in marketing cold calls), and request payments for overdue bills. Smith.ai's outbound communications services help you instantly take important but sometimes tedious tasks off your plate.

If you've used your paralegal to do this kind of job, you can now finally give them higher-level tasks that better match their skills.

How to get it

If you are already a Smith.ai customer, simply send an email to the support team with all relevant contact information, instructions and the message you would like to submit. Smith.ai will do the rest. If no business SMS or email is activated for your phone number, these systems can even be done for you.

If you're not a Smith.ai customer, learn more about Smith.ai, its outgoing communications services, 24-hour live chat with staff and AI, and other services by visiting Smith.ai today!

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