P.G. Sittenfeld attorneys seek permission for focus groups

Cincinnati City Councilor PG Sittenfeld to hear the proceedings in the Cincinnati City Hall council chambers on Wednesday, March 13, 2019.

The lawyers for the suspended Cincinnati City Council, PG Sittenfeld, want to use focus groups to prepare for a possible trial in his bribery case.

His attorneys have asked U.S. District Judge Douglas Cole to amend a protection order prohibiting either side from disclosing certain information related to the case so they can hold focus groups out of town.

According to court records, Sittenfeld’s lawyers intend to post videos that could reveal the identity of undercover agents. They say all the videos shown are pixelated to disguise the agents’ identities.

The information presented to the focus groups must remain confidential and anyone who attends it cannot reveal anything about what they see or hear. This emerges from a proposed resolution filed in federal court in Cincinnati last week. Cole has not yet made a decision on the application.

Participants sign a document that says in part: “I agree that any information I check, read, view or hear cannot be repeated for anyone, including members of my own family, my spouse or my friends. “