Paducah Police Division Drug Unit receives first ever U.S. Legal professional’s Regulation Enforcement Award | Information

Paducah Police Department Drug Unit receives first ever U.S. Attorney’s Law Enforcement Award | News

Paducah Police

PADUCAH — The Paducah Police Department Drug Unit is the first ever recipient of the U.S. Attorney’s Law Enforcement Award, U.S. Attorney Russell Coleman announced Thursday.

Coleman presented the award to Capt. Matt Smith, Sgt. Shawn Craven, Detective Corey Willenborg, Detective Beau Green, Detective Nathan Jaimet and Detective Matt Scheer Thursday afternoon.

The award reads: “In recognition of your exceptional service to the citizens of the Western District of Kentucky. Your dedication and professionalism are in keeping with the highest standards of American law enforcement and reflect great credit on you, the Paducah Police Department, and all law enforcement officers who dedicate their lives to keeping the citizens of the Western District of Kentucky safe.”

The department received the law enforcement excellence honor for its work on a two-month drug investigation into the Keeton Corrections halfway house in Paducah. The drug unit arrested eight people on drug and weapon charges.

Paducah Police Chief Brian Laird said the award is a testament to the quality of officers in the department.

“The unique thing about this award is it’s the first time that it’s ever been given out by this U.S. attorney, so we’re very thankful that our officers were the recipients of that. I’m very proud of them and the work that they do on a daily basis. This isn’t a one time effort. This is the product they generate on a daily basis,” Laird said. 

Several of those arrested have been charged at the state and federal level.