Pandemic delays trial for American lawyer accused of bringing weapons throughout Osoyoos border

Pandemic delays trial for American lawyer accused of bringing guns across Osoyoos border

The trial of an American attorney accused of bringing two guns to the Osoyoos port of entry in 2019 is postponed for the second time due to the closure of the Canada-US border.

Shawn Bertram Jensen, 60, a practicing attorney in Washington state, faces two Customs and six Criminal Code charges for allegedly viewing a loaded, restricted Ruger .22 pistol and an unloaded Colt AR15 SP1 rifle the border with Osoyoos owns passage on October 25, 2019 according to court records.

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Jensen had an initial request to adjourn the November 2, 2020 trial due to the 14-day isolation requirements for those coming across the border. He requested a second delay, granted February 1 in Penticton Provincial Court.

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Crown Prosecutor Jennifer Crews reiterated that Jensen was actually allowed to cross the line for a lawsuit as it was viewed as an essential trip. Crown denied the request to postpone the process a second time.

COVID-19: Cross-Border Travel Concerns

COVID-19: Cross-Border Travel Concerns – Mar 4, 2020

“I should point this out, and my friend will be sick of it when I say this. Mr Jensen would be allowed to enter Canada as court data is considered essential travel, but he would need to be quarantined 14 days before the trial. It is likely that he will have to enter Canada today or tomorrow and begin his quarantine, ”Crews said.

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“Although my friend says the border closure is hindering his client’s entry, it’s true … and not true that he can come to the country that he just needs to quarantine.”

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Judge Michelle Daneliuk suggested that Jensen appear virtually at least at the beginning of the scheduled trial dates. However, Jensen’s defense attorney Wade Jenson said his client would rather be physically present.

“I have not specifically examined how I can approach it in this way. Your Honor. I can only say at this point that Mr. Jensen would certainly like to be present during the entire process,” said Jenson.

Daneliuk granted the adjournment, noting that the circumstances were exceptional.

“I will exceptionally adjourn the process in these circumstances of the pandemic we are facing, noting that while Mr Jensen can physically enter the country, some exceptional precautions must be taken, including travel expenses here and quarantine for two Weeks before the process begins. And so I will adjourn under the circumstances, ”said Daneliuk.

The trial will be postponed at a hearing with the Judicial Case Manager on February 8th.

“Let’s face the reality, things are unlikely to be much different this April than they are now. I am just suggesting to Mr Jenson that this be set in a timeframe so that we don’t have the same application again. Said Daneliuk.