Payal Ghosh claims Richa Chadha’s lawyer is ‘trolling’ her | Hindi Film Information

Payal Ghosh claims Richa Chadha’s lawyer is ‘trolling’ her | Hindi Movie News

Earlier this week, Richa Chadha and Payal Ghosh decided to finalize their consent requirements for filing disputes in the Bombay High Court. According to the settlement, Payal had withdrawn her statement against Richa and apologized unconditionally. In response, Richa canceled the defamation lawsuit she had previously filed against Payal. Richa had accused Payal of making a false, unfounded, indecent, and derogatory statement against her while seeking financial compensation in damages.

In her most recent tweet, Payal Ghosh claimed that she only apologized as "woman and person" because Richa Chadha's attorney "pleaded" with her attorney that Richa Chadha was trolled on the Payal Ghosh case and explained what "Anurag Kashyap had told her about Richa Chadha. & # 39;

It is utterly shameful of this attorney running for Ms. Chadha. There is a guy who abuses me without …

– Payal Ghosh (@iampayalghosh) 1602933288000

Payal has also shared screenshots from a Twitter user stating that she has defamed Anurag Kashyap for money and is willing to compromise. The person even showed how Richa Chadha's attorney Saveena Bedi was helping the internet user. Payal called it a "modus operandi of the Kashyap gang" and claimed it was a "contempt for the court".

These ppl filed a libel suit against me saying name dt mr. kashyap had said and I apologized for being a woman and a hu …

– Payal Ghosh (@iampayalghosh) 1602955889000
Payal Ghosh had previously alleged that filmmaker Anurag Kashyap tried to molest her once in 2014 and recalled an incident when he got naked in front of her and tried to get acquainted with her. She even went to Twitter to seek help from Prime Minister Narendra Modi, fearing the "mafia gang" would kill her.