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Pelosi Claims “Tremendous Mandate” Despite House Losses And Ongoing Vote Count – JONATHAN TURLEY

Pelosi hosted a bizarrely gleeful press conference in front of a largely supportive press corps, though a blue wave could be lost in an election that Democrats and media had predicted. In fact, Pelosi was supposed to take that number of seats while the Democrats were given over 70 percent chance of retaking the Senate. In the presidential election, we’re still counting votes in states with a gossamer margin – an election the media predicted as a blowout for Biden. Instead, the country was split almost in half after the Democrats outnumbered the Republicans. Not only did Biden spend far more than Trump, but donors like Michael Bloomberg spent $ 100 million in Florida alone and still lost the state by a good margin.

Even so, Pelosi claimed the election gave Biden and himself “an enormous mandate”. In fact, she added, “I think Joe Biden did. . . a bigger mandate than John F. Kennedy. “Where’s Senator Lloyd Bentsen when we need him?

The reference to Kennedy’s victory in 1960 was also odd, as that election may have been secured by widespread fraud in Illinois and Texas. To this day, many historians wonder whether Kennedy actually won the election. Hardly a choice to refer to when the Democratic Party is against forensic scrutiny close race in places like Nevada.

Which was particularly noticeable when Pelosi announced Biden as a leader who unites rather than dividing and showing tolerance for opposing views. Pelosi admired this value from a safe distance as one of the most polarizing figures in American politics. Indeed, some of us called for their resignation after their outrageous and youthful protest during the State of the Union speech, including ripping out the address from the speaker’s chairman.

A threat to Pelosi could come from the small number of moderate Democrats who remain in the caucus and join forces with the Black Caucus to install the first African-American speaker. Ironically, Republicans would likely prefer to put Pelosi in the position, especially in Georgia in January’s runoff elections.

Obviously, Biden was not the “elected president” and there is no “huge mandate” for either side. While Twitter and Facebook hit President Donald Trump with “disinformation” labels for his post-election comments on the election steal efforts, they were perfectly pleased with Pelosi’s apparently untrue statements about Biden’s election. Nor did they come across Democratic statements that Trump was trying to steal the election. Indeed, one of Facebook’s much-maligned “oversight board members” immediately hailed Trump’s defeat as the end of the “wave of hatred and intolerance” around the world.