Pennsylvania Lawyer With ‘To-Do List’ For Killing US Senators Has Been Disbarred

Pennsylvania Lawyer With 'To-Do List' For Killing US Senators Has Been Disbarred

A Pennsylvania attorney was expelled after police found a “to-do list” of people to be murdered, including US senators, according to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court Disciplinary Board.

Kenelm L. Shirk III, 71, was angry at the 2020 presidential election results, so he allegedly made a “to-do list” of people to be murdered in the US government, loaded his car with firearms and ammunition and went to Washington, DC on January 21, 2021, according to the US Department of Justice.

Shirk allegedly threatened to kill his wife and, according to court documents, was plotting “police suicide” if confronted by law enforcement agencies.

An unknown caller notified the Cornwall Police Department in Lebanon County and the police issued a warning for Shirk and his vehicle, state police say.

Pennsylvania state police stopped him on his way to Washington DC, searched the vehicle – seized weapons and ammunition – along with $ 5,000 in multiple rolls of $ 50 bills – and accused him of making terrorist threats.

Shirk was taken to Wellspan Health for a mental health evaluation by police after his arrest.

He gave the nurses details of how he would kill his wife and how he planned a schedule to kill government officials in their homes in their yards before going to work, according to court documents.

A nurse also went through his briefcase and found 50 small plastic crosses that told the police they thought, “It was almost like Shirk wanted to leave you at his crime scene.”

Along with the crosses, the nurse found “weapons, ammunition, ropes, tools, medicines, magazines,” she told officials.

Shirk appeared in court and pleaded not guilty on February 9. He was held in prison pending his trial, according to court records.

A graduate of the Dickinson School of Law, he worked as a clerk for a state appeals judge and, according to his biography, is a third generation attorney.

Shirk’s attorney, Jay Abom, said that Associated Press that Shirk is very respected and does not belong to any extremist group.

“Despite the appearance and the allegations, he never intended to injure or kill anyone,” Abom said.

Shirk has connections in Berks, Lancaster, Lebanon and Franklin counties – with offices in Berks and Lancaster.

He was expelled from the Commonwealth Bar on May 12th.

The lock will take effect on June 11th.

If convicted, Shirk faces up to 10 years in prison, according to the DOJ.

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