Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner Declares Victory Over Challenger Carlos Vega In Primary – CBS Philly

Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner Declares Victory Over Challenger Carlos Vega In Primary – CBS Philly

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – It’s the first night in Pennsylvania and all eyes are on Philadelphia’s race for the district attorney. Democratic incumbent Larry Krasner has declared victory over challenger Carlos Vega as the vote count continues.

With 72% of the reported divisions, Kranser holds 64% of the votes compared to 36% of Vega.

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BREAKING: With 64 percent of the vote, Phila. DA Larry Krasner declares victory over challenger Carlos Vega. Count 64% at Krasner, Vega at 36% @CBSPhilly

– Joe Holden (@ JoeHoldenCBS3) May 19, 2021

Krasner, who did not take into account the parliamentary elections in November, informed the assembled supporters that his second term in office is now beginning.

“Four years ago we promised reforms and a focus on serious crime. People believed what ideas and promises were at the time, and they elected us to office with a mandate. We kept these promises. People saw what we did and this time they re-elected us and put us back in office for what we did. No ideas, no promises, but realities, ”said Krasner.

Vega admitted the race in a statement.

“Tonight I would like to thank the army of supporters that produced my campaign, despite being significantly outdone by my opponent and not receiving any support from the establishment or celebrities,” Vega said. “My campaign was primarily about raising the voice of the victims forgotten by the current government. I hope they were heard.

“I ran to the district attorney to give the victims a voice. I have the feeling that DA Krasner has not kept the promises he originally kept and that the increase in armed violence that we are witnessing is not being taken seriously. Even though we came up short, tens of thousands of Philadelphians agree. “

Hang-ups while processing postal ballot papers delayed early calls in the race for the district attorney. At Krasner’s headquarters on election night in Center City, a campaign spokesman said they were very optimistic with the results when they arrived.

COVID has once again changed the dynamics of such an event in the Sonesta, the number of supporters is limited.

Several DA office staff and executives attended, as did a handful of Philadelphia City Council members.

Soft jazz flowed through the ceiling speakers – the mood was very relaxed and relaxed.

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Krasner ran on his criminal justice reform platform while his critics picked up record-breaking murder numbers and blamed him.

In the northeast, Eyewitness News met up with Vega tonight. He said he was watching the results at a private meeting.

The polls had just closed and we were the only media out there when Vega volunteers applauded outside the Knights of Columbus polling station in Torresdale.

The Democrat who wanted to dismiss Krasner spent the day completing his campaign across Philadelphia.

Larry Krasner wins the # PhillyDA race.

Tonight Vega said to me: “I would hope if I don’t make it.[the race was] A wake-up call that Krasner is doing his job and realizing one of the main goals / duties of the DA is to make us safe. ““ Reform and Security. We can do both “

– Alexandria Hoff (@AlexandriaHoff) May 19, 2021

Since announcing its run in September, it has had the support of former Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell and the fraternal police force.

Vega, who served 35 years in the prosecutor’s office before being fired by Krasner, and three dozen other veteran prosecutors fear that the city will reach 600 homicides this year under Krasner’s leadership and that criminal justice reform need not come at a cost of security.

“I won’t have mothers burying their children, I know I can’t stop everything, but I won’t repeat last Mother’s Day, absolutely not. That’s not going to happen under my watch, ”Vega said.

In the event that he is not ahead of the game, Vega hopes that the race will serve as a “wake-up call for Krasner to do his job”.

On the Republican side, defense attorney Charles Peruto is running unhindered for the district attorney nomination. He has previously said that if Vega wins the Democratic primary, he would drop out of the race.

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Joe Holden and Alexandria Hoff of CBS3 contributed to this report.