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Pike County Legal professional resigns after 24 years

Pike County Attorney resigns after 24 years

PIKE COUNTY, Ky. (WYMT) -During Tuesday’s Pike County Fiscal Court meeting, Pike County Attorney Howard Keith Hall resigned as county attorney, effective Aug. 24, 2020.

In his resignation, recorded during the meeting’s live stream, Hall told the court he will continue to practice law privately as he seeks the position of Pike Circuit Judge.

Hall served as the county attorney for 24 years.

”It’s been a great honor,” Hall said. “I feel good about what all’s happened here in town.”

Hall said he would continue to be a familiar face in the courthouse, wishing the administration his best as they move forward.

”Once you get in public service, you can’t walk away,” he said. Jones said he will appoint a replacement next week.”I know pretty much every lawyer in Pikeville, but the one that I know who has the ability and the honesty and the integrity to lead the county attorney’s office is Mr. Kevin Keene,” Jones said. “He’s a close friend of mine.”

Jones said Assistant County Attorney Kevin Keene is from Feds Creek and has practiced law in the county for 20 years.

”I think that looking out for people, making them pay child support, tackling the drug epidemic that we know is rampant here, there’s no one better-qualified,” said Jones.

Keene, who was present at the meeting, spoke to the court to say he plans to take those issues seriously and will serve the court to work in any way he can.

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