Plaskett Writes to President Biden Asking For Removing of Gretchen Shappert, U.S. Legal professional for the Virgin Islands

Plaskett Writes to President Biden Asking For Removal of Gretchen Shappert, U.S. Attorney for the Virgin Islands

Delegate of Congress Stacey Plaskett has written to President Joe Biden requesting the removal of U.S. Virgin Islands attorney Gretchen Shappert from her position since 2018. Mrs. Plaskett, recently named one of nine impeachment managers criticized Ms. Shappert in the Trump process of the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, and pointed to alleged vengeful acts that the US attorney had requested.

Ms. Plaskett also requested that the position be filled by a local representative and considered such an appointment “critically important to the Virgin Islands community”.

“The circumstances of the tenure of the current US Virgin Islands attorney, Gretchen Shappert, are untenable,” said Ms. Plaskett. “She refuses to even politely meet with my office and prevents other federal law enforcement agencies from contacting local offices if they disagree with the people who run those offices – mostly Democrats. During their tenure As a US attorney, Ms. Shappert has shown manifestly discriminatory hiring practices, including firing local employees and hiring non-local Republican US assistant attorneys, and bragging about those within the agency who, given the lack of elected Senate officials in the Virgin Islands, the removal of the territory and her judicial appointment – the new president will not ask her to resign. This apparent disregard for the president, our involvement in the judiciary and the democratic process cannot go unchecked. “

The consortium reached Ms. Plaskett’s office on Friday, but the Congress delegate was in meetings throughout the day, dealing with both local and national affairs.

Mrs. Shappert received a preliminary appointment On April 23, 2018, the Virgin Islands District Court appointed her as a U.S. Attorney for the Virgin Islands. Since then, she has overseen a number of cases in federal courts: from drugs to public corruption and gun violence.

“Gretchen Shappert has served this department well for more than 25 years,” said Sessions at the time of the appointment. “For five of those years she served as a United States attorney serving the federal prosecutor’s office in West North Carolina. I am confident that with this extensive experience, she will make a great executive as US Interim Attorney for the Virgin Islands. “

According to a description on the U.S. attorney’s website, Ms. Shappert has served as the Assistant Director of Indian, Violent and Cybercrime Personnel at the U.S. Attorney’s Executive Office (EOUSA) since 2010. Prior to joining EOUSA, Ms. Shappert served as the United States Attorney for the Western District of North Carolina from 2004 to 2009 and as the United States Assistant Attorney (AUSA) from 1990 to 2004. As a United States attorney and AUSA, Ms. Shappert has prosecuted a wide variety of defendants, including illegal motorcycle gangs and violent drug groups. Before her federal service, Ms. Shappert also worked as a deputy district attorney, deputy defense attorney and in private practice. She received her BA from Duke University in 1977 and her JD from Washington & Lee University School of Law in 1980.

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