PMFL: Lastly, a lawyer within the household and no-pick Noah

PMFL: Finally, a lawyer in the family and no-pick Noah

Welcome to the week of the Pembroke Mafia Footy-Foot-Football League, your one-stop shop for harvesting pigskin and deliciously seasoned pumpkin latte.

NEWSFLASH: Ted “Mr. Wolverine “O’Neil announced last week that his daughter Erin passed her bar exam and is now a lawyer in Michigan, where she will likely spend most of her time suing Canada for failing to keep its polar bears on leash.

Congratulations Erin, you are now a volunteer PMFL advisor in case we need free legal advice.

And we do.

Some of us want to fire Will Muschamp without South Carolina having to raise all of his $ 13 million buyout to get him to go away and train the defense at UGA when the Gamecocks play them. The sad thing is that most of us like Coach Muschamp, away from the coach part.

LAST WEEK GAMES: Some things in life are certainties – death, taxes, Dawnne Greene, Richmond Hill town clerk, tops weekly and seasonal results.

She made a mistake and has a total of 11. We will forego the weekly totals and go straight to the leaderboard.

Ted is second with 14 mistakes; Bryan County Administrator Ben “Pippi Longstockings” Taylor is third with 15 penalties; PMFL CEO and Retired Navy Chief Petty Admiral BJ

Clark is in fourth place with a total of 18; PMFL groupies commissioner Mike Clark is fifth with 19 mistakes. PMFL gospel secretary Rev. Lawrence Butler is sixth at 20; Pembroke City Administrator Alex Floyd is seventh at 21; You really are next at 22; PMFL Pine Tree Lord Earl Duke Tsar Baron Marquis Viscount Bob Floyd and District 1 Commissioner Noah “King of the North” Covington are in ninth place with 23 errors.

Finally, District 5 Commissioner Dr. Gene “Dr. Feeling good ”Wallace, PMFL’s Undersecretary for Fracking, holds first place in the other direction with 3,247 failures.


Memphis vs. NAVY: Lawrence, Ben, Ted and Dawnne choose Memphis, rest up with the Squids. I’m not sure where Noah’s selection went. Maybe the dingoes have them. USC-W versus Arizona: Gene and Alex choose Arizona, rest at USC-W.

Texas State v GA Southern: All the Iggles this week. Penn State vs. Nebraska: Mike, BJ and Alex go with the Huskers, rest at N. Lions (Q: What’s a Nittany? A: It’s a cardigan.) Coastal Carolina vs. Troy: We see a triple option played like it should be all go with CC.

ARMY versus Tulane: Mike, Bob and Jeff choose the dog-faced pony soldiers.

Enjoy college football and remember the immortal words of Erk Russell: Get it right.

Or, as BJ says, just go ahead and do right thing for others before they do right for you. That way, it’s more fun.