Police discovered accountable for lawyer’s abduction, homicide – Newspaper

Police found responsible for lawyer’s abduction, murder - Newspaper

KARACHI: A police investigation into the abduction and murder of a Faisalabad-based attorney in August concluded that Sukkur police arrested / kidnapped the Punjab attorney without due process, held him in illegal detention and tortured him, death and throwing his body in Rahim Yar Khan desert.

It turned out that the crime was committed only for the benefit of a party involved in a property dispute with the deceased, and at the behest of an influential local person.

“The saddest part of this whole incident is that [Advocate] Aijaz Ahmed Arain was held in illegal detention, was tortured and subsequently died in illegal detention. His body was dumped in a deserted area outside the provincial border, ”said DIG Naeem Ahmed Shaikh’s report of the investigation into the Sindh police chief’s orders.

Exemplary action recommended

“These acts are not only criminal but also inhuman at the same time. No person of common sense can tolerate these acts. The role of the Sukkur police in this regard should not only be condemned, but exemplary measures must be taken against those responsible, ”DIG wrote in the report.

The investigation concluded that the FIR, which registered against the Sukkur-Cantt Police Station lawyer in July, intended to pressurize Aijaz Ahmed Arain, who is having a property dispute.

IGP recommends action against Sukkur SSP

It emerged that senior Sukkur police officers were “involved in facilitating the registration of a false case,” allegedly at the behest of an influential person on the ground.

The investigation found that after registering a false FIR, subsequent actions such as the arrest of the Faisalabad attorney, his illegal detention in Sukkur, injuries to his body that caused his death, and the disposal of the body outside the Sindh provincial border were “in the knowledge” were. by senior Sukkur police officers, including SSP Irfan Samoo, and “they are directly or indirectly responsible for these acts”.

The investigation recommended action against senior Sukkur police officers who were involved in “abusing” their powers to favor a party in “property dispute”, committed a “criminal conspiracy” and “poor supervision and inefficiency “had proven.

The investigator also recommended that a DIG-ranked police officer be appointed as a “point of contact” to coordinate the investigation process in order to gather adequate evidence and pursue the matter in Sindh and Punjab.

“Misconduct Report”

In light of the results of the investigation, the Inspector General of the Sindh Police, Mushtaq Ahmed Mahar, wrote a letter to the Minister of the Interior to forward the “Malpractice Report” against SSP Samoo to the Branch Department “to take further necessary measures according to the existing rules” , Said a senior executive familiar with this development.

According to the investigation report, on July 1, 2020, the Sukkur police had registered an FIR against the aforementioned Faisalabad lawyer based on a complaint from a resident of Pano Aqil.

A Sukkur police party “instead of following the procedure” went straight to Faisalabad District and arrested Aijaz Ahmed Arain on August 17th and took him to Sukkur. She added, “They held him in illegal custody and tortured him and he eventually died while in illegal custody by the Sukkur District Police.”

“The body of the deceased was then thrown into the jurisdiction of Bhong Police Station, Rahim Yar Khan District,” the report said. When the body was recovered and identified on August 22nd, a police party in Sukkur District arrested him from Faisalabad “without due process equivalent to kidnapping”.

The lawyer’s widow had filed an FIR against the Sukkur Police and other private individuals at the Madina Police Station in Faisalabad.

Posted in Dawn on December 21, 2020