Professional-Trump lawyer Lin Wooden beneath investigation for potential voter fraud in Georgia

Pro-Trump lawyer Lin Wood under investigation for possible voter fraud in Georgia

Lin Wood, one of the loudest defenders of former President Donald Trump’s unsubstantiated attempts to overcome his election defeat, is being investigated by Georgian officials for possible election fraud.

The office of Georgian Foreign Secretary Brad Raffensperger confirmed the investigation in a statement to NBC News Tuesday after Wood, an Atlanta attorney, alleged in a separate news report that his legal license, for which he lived in South Carolina, would be revoked could take several months.

“The question is whether he was a legal resident when he voted based on an email he sent to in November [WSB-TV reporter] Justin Gray said he had been a South Carolina resident for several months, “the Secretary of State said in a statement emailed.” The investigation is still ongoing. “

Under Georgian law, the bureau said, “If a person moves to another state to make that person’s residence there, that person is considered to be resident in that state.”

Wood told Atlanta-based WSB-TV, who first reported the investigation, that he had lived in Georgia since 1955 but that he moved to South Carolina on Monday. However, in an email he told a reporter with the broadcaster, “I lived in South Carolina for several months after buying a property in the state in April.”

Wood continued to advance numerous unsubstantiated conspiracy theories that the presidential election was fraudulent, which resulted in Twitter banning his account. The Georgia Attorney’s Office investigated two complaints filed against him and ordered him to undergo a psychiatric examination.

Wood could not be reached for comment.