Prosecuting attorneys ask for 5-year jail sentence, $1.46M in restitution for Marty Tirrell

Prosecuting attorneys ask for 5-year prison sentence, $1.46M in restitution for Marty Tirrell

Tirrell pleaded guilty to a single postal fraud in December 2019.

DES MOINES, Iowa – Former sports talk radio host Marty Tirrell was due to spend five years in jail and repay $ 1.4 million stolen from victims of sports card fraud, according to new court documents.

“Marty Tirrell talked sweetly and cheated people out of money for years,” wrote acting US attorney for the southern district of Iowa, Richard Westphal, in a verdict on Thursday. “He hooked the victims with his gift and then left them up and dry with no sports tickets or money out of their pockets.”

“He used his notoriety and alleged connections to rope athletes to buy him money for tickets that weren’t available or to get involved in a ticket sale that no one but Tirrell benefited from. “”

The U.S. Attorney’s Office is seeking a five-year prison sentence and a total of $ 1,464,563.79: $ 212,226.23 to American Express, $ 33,144.53 to Wells Fargo, $ 31,775 to Bank of the West, and the rest to individual victims :

  • RW – $ 240,825
  • JW – $ 886,087
  • WN – USD 7,500
  • TJ – $ 10,000
  • DD – $ 43,006.03

All victims were identified only by initials as indicated on court documents

“When interviewed by FBI special agent Kevin Kohler, Tirrell said he” always tells the truth “and then lied about every fraudulent transaction involved in the program,” the recommendation added.

Tirrell, known as “The Mouth of the Midwest,” hosted sports talk radio shows on 1460 KXNO and 1700 The Champ. He was charged on six counts in January 2019 and four more in May 2019.

Tirrell told investors they could make money by funding Tirrell’s brokerage of tickets to sporting events and claimed he could make a profit by buying and reselling the tickets.

However, Tirrell allegedly used money paid to him by investors for personal use, despite claiming he needed “more time” to repay investors, including sending inadequate cash checks and submitting false money wire information, “to keep investors temporarily to calm down”.

He pleaded guilty in December 2019 to a single number of postal frauds.

“At least from or around September 2016 and at least up to or around December 2017 … [Tirrell] knowingly developed a system to defraud investors and get money through materially false and fraudulent representations, ”it says in a declaration of consent.

Prosecutors said Tirrell offered investors the opportunity to make money by financing his sports event ticket purchases, but kept funds for “unauthorized purposes,” personal use, and “repayment of other investors,” as per the plea agreement.

Prior to his conviction on Wednesday, January 20th, the US attorney’s office reiterated its conviction that Tirrell is in jail despite a lack of a criminal record.

“Tirrell has been cheating companies and individuals for years,” writes Westphal. “This behavior should be taken into account when convicting the accused who has no criminal history points.”

“Some of Tirrell’s victims suffered financial damage, while others were fortunate that the loss of money did not have serious consequences for them,” the memorandum concludes.

That being said, all victims can unanimously agree that the time and energy put into dealing with Marty Tirrell and trying to get their money back has turned heads. Caused months and months of promises and lies from Tirrell great stress and frustration among the victims of his crimes. “

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