Protection lawyer requires decide to be eliminated in Flint water disaster case

Defense attorney calls for judge to be removed in Flint water crisis case

GENESEE COUNTY, Me. – Defenders on the ongoing Flint water crisis case urge the judge to be removed.

The fall of the Flint water crisis could soon be heading in a new direction.

Defense lawyers said the judge was not on the case because of his place of residence. Some legal insiders believe moving the case out of Genesee County to an area where a jury is less connected to the thousands of children affected by the public health crisis is a tactic.

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Former Flint City Public Works Director Howard Croft’s attorney argued that since Genesee District Court Judge William H. Crawford lives in Flint, he may be involved in a class action lawsuit against Croft.


Legal insiders said that something bigger is likely going on and that the case is to move the case from Genesee County to an area where a jury may not be as connected to the case.

Snyder’s attorneys argued Monday that the lawsuit against him was filed in the wrong county because he was making decisions in Lansing rather than Genesee County. A decision on this application is still pending.

Lawyers representing the defendants are taking steps not only to gain access to all evidence collected, but also to ensure that the case is being monitored in another county.

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