Protesters march to IMPD headquarters after Reed household lawyer declares wrongful loss of life lawsuit – WISH-TV | Indianapolis Information | Indiana Climate

Protesters march to IMPD headquarters after Reed family lawyer announces wrongful death lawsuit - WISH-TV | Indianapolis News | Indiana Weather

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Dozens of protesters and Indy10 Black Lives Matter were seen marching on Lafayette Road after lawyers for Dreasjon Reed’s family announced they would be bringing an unlawful death lawsuit for his fatal shooting by an Indianapolis Metropolitan police officer.

They first met outside Lafayette Square Mall and stopped in the Northwest District of the Indianapolis Police Department, where Officer Mercer was working. The protesters called for him to be punished, although the grand jury decided not to file a criminal complaint.

Your call for justice sounds even louder. Indy10 Black Lives Matter’s Reika Boyd told News 8 that the community should remember the bottom line, despite investigators talking about Dreasjon Reed’s background.

“He was a brother, he was a veteran, he was a friend, a friend, a big brother. He was a person who deserves to see justice and not be gunned down in the street, ”Boyd said.

There were armed people protecting the demonstrators during the march, but no guns were drawn. Protesters are hoping for a federal investigation into Reed’s death. Your request to defuse IMPD remains the same.

“If you think about it, if you just go to a black neighborhood in Indianapolis, you can see that those neighborhoods have been defused. So we want to take the money from the police and get the black communities back,” he told Chris Dilworth, protester and Member of the Indianapolis Branch of the Socialism and Liberation Party.

“Hopefully next year the city will decide to side with the community and put the funds in the hands of community members and organizers rather than fund a white supremist police force,” added Boyd.

Some protesters said they were not surprised by the grand jury’s decision and called it a hurdle to jump over.

“The way we move things, the way we get things done, is to get our voices to be heard and to get people to band together on these issues because power doesn’t give anything without asking “said Dilworth. “They just won’t give you the keys. We have to demand that they be given to us. “

Indy10 Black Lives Matter is also raising funds to help meet legal fees for the Reed family.

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