Provenio indicators ‘lawyer on demand’ settlement

Mark Goodwin

Founded last year in Liverpool, Provenio is a litigation practice specializing in high quality business disputes and investigations that has signed a contract with F-LEX. Tony McDonough reports

Mark Goodwin, founder of Provenio Law in Liverpool

The Liverpool law firm Provenio has entered into an "attorney on call" agreement with the online legal platform F-LEX.

Provenio was founded last year by a team of senior litigation attorneys who worked together at legal giant DLA Piper in Liverpool. Provenio is a litigation practice that specializes in high-quality business disputes and investigations.

Under this latest agreement, F-LEX will provide experienced paralegals to work on the document management aspects of the company's high quality, complex cases. Provenios cases often require the management of large amounts of electronic documents.

In September, Provenio announced that it had set up a no-win, no-fee, no fee fund of £ 50 million to fund its high quality litigation. The fund was set up in collaboration with global litigation financier Therium.

The agreement with F-FLEX will reflect similar agreements that the on-demand lawyer platform has entered into with Magic Circle law firms. Mark Goodwin, Managing Partner at Provenio, said, “Customers are right to demand an efficient and cost-effective approach to document management in cases while maintaining the quality and integrity of the disclosure process.

"Having worked with a number of suppliers over the past few years, we are confident that F-LEX is 'Best in Class' and compliments our high quality litigation services."

Louise Anderson, Head of the Northern Hub at F-LEX, added, “The F-LEX Legal platform will support Provenio's success by connecting the firm to the best law firms and attorneys in Liverpool while improving our clients' efficiency our flexible on-demand function ensures model. "

Provenio was also ranked in the top tier by this year's Legal 500 (Commercial Litigation: Liverpool), which praised it for “attracting high quality, high quality commercial disputes in a very short time”. The Legal 500 adds that Provenio are "real specialists with years of experience" and "seem set for future success".