PTI lawyer’s manufacturing unit razed in Sukkur – Newspaper

Police found responsible for lawyer’s abduction, murder - Newspaper

SUKKUR: The site administration destroyed a soap factory under construction owned by a Pakistani attorney Tehreek-i-Insaf late at night under police protection without bothering to give notice prior to the demolition, the attorney said.

PTI attorney Shahabuddin Shaikh said at a press conference here on Sunday that engineer Abdul Kareem Malano, accompanied by SITE police, monitored the demolition of his factory in the SITE area late on Saturday evening.

Malano claimed the factory was being built over 3,000 square meters of occupied land, so it was demolished.

Shaikh said he bought the property after making the payment to SITE. He showed sales deeds and other documents relating to ownership of the land and told media representatives that he had all the receipts with him.

He said the SITE administration reluctantly turned the land over to him after he asked police for help to clear the land that was part of the 100-acre land reserved for the establishment of an export processing zone the engineer Malano had sold this land to people who used it for residential and agricultural purposes. He said Malano misled the Sindh government on the matter to justify action against his property because he was an attorney for PTI leaders Syed Tahir Hussain Shah and Mubeen Jatoi and now the Pakistan Peoples Party’s government and SITE are putting him in Took visor.

He said the SITE administration had not given him any notice prior to the demolition of the factory. He claimed that not only did they destroy his property, but they also took away engines and other machinery.

He said he suffered a loss of over 10 million rupees and warned that if he did not receive compensation for the damage he would petition the police, SITE administration and Sindh government in the Sindh High Court.

Local PTI leader Syed Tahir Hussain Shah condemned the demolition of the factory, saying the Sindh government was taking vengeful measures against PTI members, including the opposition leader in the Sindh Congregation, Haleem Adil Shaikh, whose farmhouse was destroyed in Karachi the day before was.

He called on the federal government to take note of the demolition of real estate and legal business centers by PTI supporters and to register fake cases against them.

Posted in Dawn on February 8, 2021