Reader’s View: Ellison fulfilling position as individuals’s lawyer

Reader's View: Ellison fulfilling role as people’s lawyer

I was disappointed to see aspiring statewide politician Doug Wardlow use a News Tribune Opinion page to gain favor with national political interests at the expense of a serious practical matter Minnesota is facing: how best to present Minnesotans protects against the runaway economic liability caused by an industry that appears to have completely ignored the consequences of its actions.

(Wardlow’s December 13 comment was, “Minnesota needs answers to Ellison’s Bloomberg-sponsored attorneys.”)

While there is no doubt that Wardlow’s perspective – apparently letting Minnesota taxpayers do the math on behalf of multinational conglomerates – would go down well in a country club, those of us who have lived near the country understand the real dollars and the life it is about.

I grew up in rural Michigan and took pride in the Michigan attorney general Dana Nessel working to protect my family’s community from the threat of another multinational, Enbridge. Enbridge says there is a need for pipelines that outweigh the risks pipelines pose to the world’s most pristine freshwater source and the source of Michigan’s great tourism economy: the Great Lakes.

ExxonMobil said fossil fuels would be safe if they knew they would cause catastrophic climate change. Here in Minnesota, his actions have caused pollution and flooding for our 10,000 lakes.

Multinational corporations aren’t tied to any municipality or piece of land, so they lie, pollute, and leave communities like ours to pick up the parts.

Minnesota attorney general Keith Ellison is doing his job as the people’s advocate by suing ExxonMobil and other major oil companies for the harm caused by their deception. Perhaps that is why Minnesotans selected him – and not Wardlow in the 2018 election – to serve as attorney general.

Kirsten Fedorowicz

St. Paul, Minnesota