Regulation Society of Alberta alerts attorneys about pretend agency “Lawman & Associates”

Law Society of Alberta alerts lawyers about fake firm “Lawman & Associates”

Following an August report, the website hosting provider told the Bar Association that it would investigate the matter. At the time of writing, the website remains operational.

Lawman & Associates released a prepayment letter, allegedly written by an Alberta attorney, stating that beneficiaries could apply for life insurance payouts, 90 percent of which would be given to beneficiaries and 10 percent to charity. The Bar Association received a copy of this letter and received other reports of similar letters related to the same business.

In order not to be affected by such scams, the Bar Association advised lawyers and law firm employees to be wary of suspicious emails or requests for information, especially if those requests relate to information about the firm or to personal or financial details.

The Bar suggested reporting suspicious or potentially fraudulent activity to the Canadian Anti-Fraud Center or the ALIAlert Fraud Alert Service by emailing the ALIAlert mailbox. Law firms may also post a link to this information on their websites.

The Bar Association found that such fraudulent systems, targeting lawyers, law firms and their employees, were a worsening problem in the province.