Reno County District Lawyer’s annual Toys for Tots drive

Reno District Attorney Tom Stanton stands next to about a third of the toy boxes his office collected during the 20th annual Toy for Tots Toy Drive, which ended Friday.

The Reno District Attorney’s Office set a new record this week with their annual Toys for Tots collection.

The office collected 17 boxes of toys, breaking its previous record of 11, Reno District Attorney Tom Stanton said.

At the last count, up to 885 toys were donated.

Staff set up collection boxes in various county buildings, and a friendly competition between the Hutchinson Police Department and the Reno County Sheriff’s Office helped provide transportation.

Stanton declined to name the winner of this competition until the agency was notified.

The collection, which ended on Friday, was the DA office’s 20th annual toy ride.

“Reno County’s divisions have really grown and our people have really grown,” said Stanton. “It was all voluntary.”

All toys will be distributed in Reno County, Stanton said.