Rep. Cannon to return to Capitol Monday despite arrest, lawyer says – WSB-TV Channel 2

Rep. Cannon to return to Capitol Monday despite arrest, lawyer says – WSB-TV Channel 2

Georgia state attorney Park Cannon says she is “shaken but determined” and will return to the Capitol on Monday to continue fighting for the right to vote.

Cannon faces two criminal offenses for obstructing law enforcement and interrupting a session of the General Assembly after knocking on the door of Kemp’s office while he was holding a private livestream of the signing of the SB202 legislation.

Cannon argued that the public and members of the General Assembly should have witnessed the bill being signed.

“She’s dying to return,” attorney Gerald Griggs told ABC News. “She will do the job she was chosen to do, for her district and the people of Georgia. As for the charges, these are just charges. They must be proven beyond doubt. “

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The video of Cannon, who is black and being escorted from the State House by Capitol Police, has sparked national outrage.

“It reminds us of the 50s and 60s in Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, and South Carolina,” Griggs said. “But I think the governor needs to understand that we are not going to sit back and react to George Wallace tactics in the way we did to George Wallace. I think the rest of the country needs to study very carefully the tactics that are being used in Georgia. “


Griggs said the Justice Department needed to get involved in the case and crack down on tactics used by state and local officials to try to silence voters.

The new law requires a photo ID to vote absent by post. It also cuts down on how long voters have to request a postal vote and limits where ballot boxes can be placed and when they can be used.

Dozens of supporters rallied for Rep. Cannon outside Atlanta City Hall on Saturday.

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Griggs said he and Cannon’s team have been in contact with prosecutors and hope the charges will be dismissed, but even if they do, the state should be prepared for “an extended litigation”.

“The state of Georgia needs to understand that this is a nation of laws and the laws are pretty clear when you illegally arrest someone,” Griggs said. “We believe that the facts and evidence clearly shown to the whole world show that it is innocent. So we plan to keep legislating as she always has and keep going until these charges are dismissed. “