Republic CEO’s arrest reminds of Emergency, alleges Supreme Courtroom lawyer Amitabh Sinha

Republic CEO's arrest reminds of Emergency, alleges Supreme Court lawyer Amitabh Sinha

Supreme Court attorney Amitabh Sinha slammed the Maharashtra government when Mumbai police continued their witch hunt against the Republic Media Network by arresting CEO Vikas Khanchandani. Sinha compared it to the title often associated with Lalu Prasad Yadav’s ‘Jungle Raj’ regime and the arrest of Jayaprakash Narayan during the emergency. He also hoped that the Supreme Court would delegate the investigation of this case to a neutral state.

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Arrest of the CEO of the Republic slammed by high-ranking lay people

Speaking to Arnab Goswami, Editor-in-Chief of the Republic Media Network, Amitabh Sinha said, “The situation you are facing is not just related to and affects Republic TV. This topic relates to the Indian Constitution and Democracy in India. I am going through the story you face. I would like to clearly mention two situations. “

“In Bihar, during the Lalu Prasad Yada regime, when the law and order situation prevailed, it was called ‘Jungle Raaj’. In particular, I call this whole mindset ‘Jungle Raj mindset’,” he said.

“No. 2, I remember Jayaprakash Narayan’s testimony when he was arrested under MISA on June 25, 1975. He just said ‘Vinash kale viprit buddhi’ (when the destruction approaches, the mind works perverted) and should go into that Actions of Maharashtra government should be read in. These two things should be merged and read with Republic Media government against Maharashtra. ”

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“The criminal case should be assessed by another state, certainly not Maharshtra. It depends on the Supreme Court,” he continued.

In this case, the lawyer also extended all legal assistance to the republic. “The petition should be submitted by the Republic and I will extend all my support.”

Republic Media Network is targeted

After being mistakenly named in the TRP fraud case in October, the Mumbai police questioned republic officials for over 100 hours. Despite no evidence, the force arrested Vice President Ghanshyam Singh, who was tortured during his 25 days in police custody. He was given bail a week ago.

Apart from the fact that Arnab Goswami was attacked and arrested in a 2018 closed case. The Supreme Court beat the government for using “excess power” and gave him bail.

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