Richmond lawyer writes ebook on his experiences as a jail decide

Richmond lawyer writes book on his experiences as a prison judge

The book Serious Court: Confessions of a Prison Judge tells funny and sad stories.

Rather than just punishing those who committed crimes, a lawyer in Richmond wants society to remember that inmates are people too.

Nelson Tsui worked part-time in a federal correctional facility for 15 years as a prison judge at one of the Serious Courts in British Columbia – a serious criminal offense in prisons – and he says we should take this seriously, pun intended.

His book, entitled Serious Court: Confessions of a Prison Judge, was published to give voice to inmates, especially those who are judged by Serious Court.

“We’re talking about imprisoning people, punishing people, and I think that as an establishment we need to take it more seriously and deal with the issues at hand with more thought,” said Tsui.

“While disciplinary action is being considered, people must always remember that we have to be lawful for dealing with people.”

Every chapter and story, Tsui said, revolves around a specific topic about federal prisons in Canada.

“I wanted to tell a story about the disciplinary system in prison with a substance of legal matters and also a human touch,” said Tsui, adding, “a lot of stories are funny but also very sad at the same time.”

Tsui told the Richmond News that he resigned from his position after 15 years thinking it was time to “give someone else a chance.”

“I left because there was a bit of frustration in the end,” he said, adding that he loved the job, but “it was kind of painful.”

Nelson Tsui has been a practicing attorney since 1987 when he was appointed to the bar. He owes his interest in law and career choice to the argument and debate with his brothers and family who grew up.

“Law is very rewarding in many ways, especially because I enjoy dealing with social issues.”

His book will be available on Amazon next week but can be purchased from Nelson Tsui Law Corporation in the meantime.