Rock Island County State’s Legal professional’s race is getting heated

Rock Island County State’s Attorney’s race is getting heated

The Rock Island County State’s Attorney’s race is getting heated with allegations of misspending tax dollars coming from the challenger in the race.

Republican Kathleen Bailey is running against State Attorney Dora Villarreal.

Bailey criticizes the State’s Attorney’s office for spending more than 393,000 on outsourced legal work.

“My question is, why are taxpayers of Rock Island County paying for three full-time civil attorneys and outside counsel,” said Bailey.

Villarreal has been Rock Island County State’s Attorney since being appointed a little more than a year ago, she says two of the cases with outside counsel were from previous administrations.

“We have the sale of Hope Creek and it was requested that I seek outside counsel the sale of county owned nursing home is not something anybody in our office and the county has ever done before it’s a very complex and complicated legal work,” said Villarreal.

Bailey also questioned a settlement in the deathc of Daniel Ortiz Mendoza and Lawrence Anderson. Both men were killed at the Red, White, Boom celebration in Rock Island two year ago.

“This settlement between the county and the Mendoza and Lawrence families has been sealed from the public view the public still does not know and the question is why?” said Bailey.

Villareal gave her reason for how the settlement was handled.

“The reason that part was settled was due to an agreement with plaintiff’s counsel so we do just request that the victims and their families’ wishes be respected regarding that but some almost all the information regarding our office is available via public request,” said Villareal.