Rotary Membership 4-Method Speech Contest Highlights

Rotary Club 4-Way Speech Contest Highlights

The fourth annual 4-way Rotary Club speech competition in downtown Fort Worth is on the books. The Patterson Law Group is a proud sponsor of this competition with our co-sponsors Varghese Summersett. Patterson Law Group's attorney, Tennessee Walker, also leads the competition.

Rachel Marker, Rotary President of Downtown Fort Worth, said:

“TYLA's participation in the Rotary 4-Way Speech Contest was an inspiration for all participants. These young women will be forces to be reckoned with as they grow and become leaders in our society. I think we all reappraised our young people's insight and outlook on some of today's issues. I know that I was really inspired and walked away amazed! "

On February 28, the participants presented their 3-5 minute speeches. Each speech must use the Rotary's 4-way test on a topic that the participant selects. The Rotary 4-Way Test answers the questions:

1) Is it the TRUTH?

2) Is it FAIR for everyone involved?


4) Will it be beneficial for everyone involved?

Rotarty Club participants

The winner, Kassandra, a tenth grader at the Young Women’s Leadership Academy, won the main prize of $ 200 and qualified to compete against other local Rotary Club competition winners at the regional level. All other participants in the language competition also receive a cash prize.

Tennessee Walker with winnerTennessee Walker, lawyer of the Patterson Law Group, Rotarian in downtown Fort Worth and chair of the event with the winner Kassandra.

Tennessee Walker, lawyer for the Patterson Law Group, Rotarians in downtown Fort Worth and chair of the event shared his insights into the event.

“The Patterson Law Group is proud to have sponsored the 4-way language competition four (4) years in a row and looks forward to many more. Working with the outstanding students of the Young Women & # 39; s Leadership Academy ("YWLA") makes sense and is fulfilling. YWLA trains and shapes the next generation of local female managers. The 4-way language competition gives some of these future leaders an invaluable experience in public. I am passionate about supporting our local community and am grateful that the Patterson Law Group is supporting this competition. "

YWLA director Tamara Albury thanked Tennesse and the rest of the Patterson Law Group and our co-sponsors Varghese Summersett for the work behind the scenes to help the YWLA students prepare for the 4-way language competition. She said, "Thank you for taking the time to practice with our girls. Your time and commitment are valued not only by the girls, but also by me and our school community. I just felt like I would be careless if I didn't share my gratitude and gratitude for your hard work and that of your Rotarian team. "

By sponsoring the competition, the Patterson Law Group offers students at the Young Women & # 39; s Leadership Academy in Fort Worth an invaluable opportunity to speak in front of a room of over 100 Rotarians in downtown Fort Worth – some of the leading business and a citizen of the Fort Worth-Dallas region.

You can find more information in our press release.