Rudolph the runny lawyer

Rudolph the runny lawyer

“Rudy is a great guy, but he only started a day ago,” President Donald J. Trump said in May 2018 after his personal attorney Rudolph Giuliani admitted on Sean Hannity’s Show that Trump was aware of silent payments to Stormy Daniels . “But he really has his heart for it. He works hard. He learns the subject. … He will clarify his facts. “

Like the president’s recent declarations that he would be competitive in the 2020 general election in New York, it has been found not to be. Giuliani and facts remain little known.

Just as we all long for the Sylvan Glades of a happy childhood, Trump has made clear his nostalgia for the legal cocoon that infamous attorney and fixer Roy Cohn, another son of the outskirts, gave him. (Trump is from Queens, Cohn from the Bronx, Giuliani from Brooklyn.)

But in practically every mudfight that Giuliani has picked up on for Trump – from l’affaire Daniels to the Ukraine investigation to Hunter Biden’s laptop – the former US attorney, who once for his performance during and after Sept. September was dubbed “America’s Mayor,” proving the opposite of the cool legal assassin the president dreams of.

Instead, we got a clown show – and I speak as someone who performed as a clown many decades ago during my summer employment as a singing telegram messenger. Those days came back to me on Thursday as I watched the parallel streams of … something (gray masked mascara was a theory) seeping from Giuliani’s sideburns during one of the most memorable press conferences of the 2020 election cycle.

In retail, we always knew we should be using makeup that wouldn’t work if you performed outside on a hot day – because there is nothing more terrifying for young children than a clown who looks like they’ll melt when they walk in The balloon animal does magic.

The terrifying thing, however, was the whole point of Giuliani’s press conference, where he and a cadre of other Trump attorneys offered a dog breakfast of conspiracy theories, evidence-free allegations, and ad hominem attacks. When asked to provide evidence to support their claims, for example, that voting software was used to switch votes from Trump to Biden, she scolded reporters for failing to understand how the legal system works.

The judges understand how the legal system works and have so far dismissed almost all of the Trump team’s legal arguments, which are actually more like an angry yawn poured out in the form of court records. These documents and the minutes of Thursday’s press conference represented what philosophical journalist Sean Illing, who wrote in Vox earlier this year, called “manufactured nihilism” – the willful destruction of the entire notion that facts exist and can be helpful, to grasp reality.

This is the game that Giuliani has been playing for Trump for a number of years, with an increasingly shambolic effect. If you are able to put aside the damage that has been done to our democratic institutions, that is almost touching: Of all the adjutants that Trump has dismissed – the Noble and the Venale alike – one of the few people is on the He continues to rely on the lawyer with the running sideburns that keep the president in trouble.

And also

Speaking of outskirts-born lawyers with decades of ties to Trump, Governor Andrew M. Cuomo gave a podcast interview to Democratic advisor and CNN expert David Axelrod earlier this month that was enlightening in many ways – especially how it was done in which the governor attempted to reformulate the beliefs of his former top aide, Joe Percoco.

“Close adjutant, close friend of mine was convicted – not because he took state money, but because he had an outside income that was basically not reported, to put it in layman terms,” ​​replied Cuomo to Axelrod’s question as to whether Scandal represents a low point in his decade in office.

In fact, Percoco was convicted of selling his office. He was found guilty of honest service fraud, conspiracy to commit honest service fraud, and solicitation of bribes and tips – money that Cuomo, a former assistant district attorney and attorney general, appears to have received “undisclosed income.” “Seems to equate. It’s like saying that John Wilkes Booth was guilty (basically for laypersons) of dropping a firearm in a theater in violation of local noise regulations.

Cuomo continued with a weird reference to Axelrod’s CNN colleague Preet Bharara, who like Giuliani is a former US attorney in Manhattan: “On the other hand, in this situation it was a very aggressive prosecutor who went through everything at all levels, and that was him a person with whom he found something. “

This similarly glossed over the beliefs of Alain Kaloyeros, the man Cuomo had entrusted to lead his primary backcountry economic development initiative. Bagman Todd Howe, a longtime Cuomo friend and fundraiser; and several businessmen who were generous donors to the governor’s campaigns when they were not busy bribing Percoco.

As I saw in one of the governor’s recent PowerPoint presentations, facts matter.

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