Scholarship Winner Noah Hodge | Patterson Law Group


At Patterson Law Group, we are happy to thank those who entered our # TextFreeForTita Distracted Driving Scholarship Competition in Fall 2019 and to convey special congratulations to the winner, high school graduate Noah Hodge.

Noah is a very talented young man whose entry, a poem entitled “Were They Worth It,” effectively illustrates the extreme danger of distracted driving. It indicates the worst outcome that can occur if a driver ignores the importance of following the course ahead. We hope that, as Noah did when he wrote his poem, we will all remember to consider the high likelihood of a tragic outcome before doing something that gets us off the road every time we get behind the wheel distracts.

Noah Hodge took 2nd place among the 553 students in his class. He achieved a 4.0 GPA. A conscientious and civic student, he is a member of many clubs and organizations, including the National Honor Society, the National Hispanic Recognition Program, and the UIL literary criticism team. He volunteers his services to several organizations, including the San Antonio Food Bank. Noah plans to attend the University of Texas in the fall.

The competition was created in honor of Emma “Tita” Lourdes Shaffer, who lost her life in an accident with a distracted driver. Tita was a very thoughtful sixth grader with a bright future ahead of her. On April 9, 2016, she and her mother were driving home from dinner when their car was hit head-on by an oncoming vehicle.

The driver of the car that Tita and her mother met texted while they were driving. She was also a mother with her young daughter as a passenger. Her lack of attention to the road resulted in her turning from the south lane into the north lane, resulting in a head-on collision that resulted in the tragic deaths of mothers and daughters.

The #TextFreeForTita Distracted Driving Scholarship Competition was organized to raise public awareness of the increasing risk of distracted driving. One in five road deaths in Texas is caused by a distracted driver.

The competition also offers young people the opportunity to earn $ 1,000 in college or law school tuition or related education costs. To enter the competition, eligible students must complete the Spring Semester competition application by May 31st. December 31st is the deadline for the examination of the autumn semester competition.

Participants will need to use their creativity as they design and share the effects of distracted driving and ways to reduce the number of deaths caused by the problem in the state of Texas. The entries can be in the form of video or multimedia works, written works (such as poems) or photo or graphic creations.

Patterson Law Group aims to promote responsible driving habits for citizens of all ages. We are pleased to offer this award as another means of publicizing the dangers of text messaging or other actions while driving, while also providing an opportunity for an outstanding student to receive support for the cost of higher education.

Fortunately, deaths from distracted driving are preventable. Creative methods of educating everyone about the danger and getting drivers to remind themselves to put their phones and anything that might distract their attention from the road ahead of them before starting their engine go a long way in helping to reduce and hopefully eliminate this risk.

Thank you for the efforts of all of our contestants. If you know of a college-bound senior who may be eligible to enter, please refer them to the contest page on our website.

Congratulations again, Noah. We appreciate the time and thought that went into your winning poem, and it is a much needed message.