Servis’ Attorney Adds Cuomo to List of Clients

Servis' Attorney Adds Cuomo to List of Clients

Attorney Rita Glavin, who has represented Jason Servis on a federal doping court case, has an even better-known client in New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo.

According to several media reports, Glavin represents Cuomo, who is at the center of several investigations and calls on the embattled governor to step down.

In light of Cuomo’s allegations by eight women who claim they were sexually molested by him, Glavin recently told the New York Times, “None of this is noteworthy, although it may be old-fashioned.”

Cuomo is also facing intense scrutiny of allegations that the number of deaths in nursing homes in New York state was intentionally misreported during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Cuomo has steadfastly refused to resign despite the charges swirling around him.

Glavin worked for Seward & Kissel when she represented Servis on his March 9, 2020 indictment, against a race doping program in which Jorge Navarro was also involved. Both Servis and Navarro, whose coaching license was revoked after their arrest, are released on bail and await the start of their trial in the US federal court – which cannot happen before the fall.

49-year-old Glavin, a former district attorney in the US Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York investigating the Servis-Navarro case, now works for her own law firm, Glavin PLLC.