Simons’ lawyer says case could go to North Dakota Supreme Court

Simons' lawyer says case could go to North Dakota Supreme Court

After Luke Simons, the first legislator expelled The now former North Dakota House of Representatives lawyer says he is considering legal action.

Simons was ousted by a two-thirds vote from the gathering on Thursday on allegations inadequate behaviour towards female colleagues. His attorney, Lynn Boughey, says depending on what Simons decides, he could take the case to the Supreme Court.

It is unclear exactly who the lawsuit is directed against – the house or individuals in the house. It is also unclear what exactly Simons would like to do at this point.

“I think all the conversations I’ve had with him will be between me and my client. Once he’s made a final decision, I can tell the press one of two things that we’ve decided not to go any further, or I’ll give you a copy of everything I’ve just submitted, ”Boughey said.

Boughey says if he is prosecuting litigation it is likely due to a misinterpretation of the constitution and violations of due process. He says Simons will hold a press conference next Tuesday to address the allegations individually and inform his side.