Singhvi rebuts Lekhi’s ‘Cong link’ to Kalra claim; says ‘accused’s lawyer is attacked’

Singhvi rebuts Lekhi's 'Cong link' to Kalra claim; says 'accused's lawyer is attacked'

The allegation by Meenakshi Lekhi, MP & SC MP & SC, refutes that Congress is linked to Delhi-based restaurateur Naveneet Kalra, who was accused of hoarding oxygen bottles on Sunday. Singhvi called it a cheap gimmick, pointing out that a lawyer hired senior attorney who professionally represents a defendant is being attacked by Lekhi. Singhvi, who was defending Kalra in Delhi HC, was attacked by Lekhi for representing the businessman in Delhi’s oxygen crisis.

Singhvi rejects Lekhi’s claims

I regret the bankruptcy of so-called lawyers like #MLekhi, who practice blatant and cheap politics beyond all norms of fairness and professional behavior. A lawyer-appointed senior attorney who represents a defendant professionally is attacked. My tweets today try to educate such cheap gimmicks.

– Abhishek Singhvi (@DrAMSinghvi) May 16, 2021

On Saturday, BJP MP Meenakshi Lekhi alleged that Congress was hand in hand with businessman Navneet Kalra, who is accused of hoarding oxygen concentrators. She claimed Kalra was involved in the black-marketing of over 7,000 O2 concentrators and hit the Sonia Gandhi-led party for her hypocrisy. According to her, ex-Congress President Rahul Gandhi and other party leaders complained of a lack of oxygen while an artificial deficiency was caused by black marketing.

To back up her claim about Congress’s connection with Kalra, she pointed out that he blamed Prime Minister Narendra Modi for the COVID-19 pandemic on his Facebook page. She also reminded that the Chairman of Congress, Ajay Maken, had nominated the businessman in his capacity as Union Minister for Urban Development for the Delhi Golf Club in 2005-06. It is important to note that she also beat up Congressman and senior attorney Abhishek Manu Singhvi for representing Kalra in the Delhi Supreme Court.

The Khan Market Oxygen Racket Case

Amid the lack of oxygen in the country, Delhi police have recovered 524 confiscated oxygen concentrators, 96 of which were recovered from the Khan Chacha restaurant, nine from the Town Hall restaurant – both in Khan Market and 419 from the Nege & Ju restaurant in Lodhi – Colony and Colony the Godown of the Matrix Cellular Company in Chhatarpur in South Delhi. Kalra is the owner of the above restaurants. The police registered an FIR under Sections 34, 120B, 188 and 420 of the Indian Criminal Code and Sections 3 and 7 of the Essential Commodities Act. According to the police, the suspects are involved in the hoarding and marketing of oxygen concentrators.

In addition, Matrix Cellular CEO Gaurav Khanna claimed to oversee the import and sale of oxygen concentrators at high prices. 5 people, including Khanna, a sales manager and the manager of the Nege & Ju restaurant, were arrested by police but now Khanna is out on bail. Delhi HC has refused to give Kalra the bail and has adjourned the matter until May 18th.